Again Blair Waldorf: First Looks for The 3rd Season of Gossip Girl

For all those who had the hope of seeing Gossip Girl Open, is better that you go doing the idea from that of the piracy because four has no intention of going back to try their luck on the grill. A pity, the truth. Because with the garbage that’s currently on antenna, it makes me strange think that a series that is not much less a work master but that meets the expectations of teens and lovers of fashion wanting to hang out, and, has no place in our national television & #8230;

Anyway, to the unconditional us will always network: starting from the 14 September We can now enjoy new chapters of the third season and aquin have a Advancement of the looks that it will be a queen B University.

And it seems that the change of scenery has not modifciado none the preppy style Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester), who continues as romantico-pastelosa as ever. Beautiful flowered dress of Alice + Olivia.

And who is the mysterious blonde? Your new best friend now that Serena (Blake Lively) is no longer “ his better half ”?