4 Criteria That Make a Pantyhose to the Basic For Your Basic Wardrobe

* With product placement – if I may select only a single pantyhose for my basic wardrobe, I would for an opaque, black Variant choose. Because an opaque dark tights – whether black, anthracite or brown – belongs to me as timeless basic the basic equipment of a perfect basic wardrobe. Such a piece is a styling genius: shaping not only beautiful legs, she also acts as a blank canvas on which you can stage your own style effectively. Because it just fits all: any form of rock, each dress, any color or each pattern and almost every shoe.

A product review of opaque tights item m6 4 test criteria

Now the company of medi GmbH & co. KG said to me, whether I wanted to test a product from her stocking range named “Item m6” , I said to immediately. Because the company medi is not only a German high-tech manufacturer, which sets international standards with their special compression technology, but also, for the “made in Germany” 100 per cent is one of the few global suppliers in the fashion industry. So a real rarity and entirely in keeping with the philosophy of fashion Whisperer.

The range of the brand includes both socks and stockings, as also tights, stay-ups, leggings and tight shapewear. The product I have chosen me for my test, the “item m6 Tights Opaque Black” – is an opaque, black pantyhose with compression effect and energy system. In this post, I would like to give my 4 criteria, where I set the quality of pantyhose and tell you how the item m6 has cut off tights in.

1. wearing comfort

Comfort is top on my list of criteria for pantyhose for me. In this regard which proves item m6 as a quantum leap in the history of the fashionable tights: you nestles firmly, but pleasant on the leg. Even if the tightening costs some strength and to do so in the Pack useful proving the instructions – after a few minutes all effort is forgotten. The fit is good, no wrinkles and no cuts. The system on the shop website, which recommends the appropriate size depending on the clothes and body size, seems to work. Also, I feel the slight pressure when wearing as pleasant.

The manufacturer also promises that the special compression effect of pantyhose ensures a better blood circulation and an overall higher oxygen content in the body. But not enough: To stimulate the flow of energy a specific pressure point, which is called according to the traditional Chinese medicine “m6” and is on the inside of the leg, just above the ankle and provide easy, relaxed legs even at maximum load.

The natural yearning to be tested extensively and I opt for the hardness test: a whole day walking in the city, including a visit to Museum and window shopping. How do feel my legs then? Amazingly good! I feel actually a little as my legs would feel less tired and heavy, than usual. Everything just imagination? No imagination is definitely the antibacterial effect of the stockings, which prevents odors due to the embedded silver ions. A feeling that I can now wear silver with a clear conscience at the feet…

2. optics and slimming

Even though the comfort for me at the top at the look I want to make no compromises. A pantyhose must contribute to this, mean look to perfect and my legs as slim and attractive look. In opaque stockings the surface should be smooth, so that the hem of the skirt is not stuck, shine at the same time never to make legs appear not visually dense. A matte, smooth and uniform appearance is required.

Also in this case it performs well item m6 in my test. My pencil skirts glide easily over the somewhat dull, solid mesh. And thanks to the push effect built into the panties, also the overall silhouette is highly satisfactory. The color selection of the manufacturer which holds appropriate neutral base colors, and a few accent colors for each type of color is beautiful in this context. There is something in the opaque version for everyone skin tones with black, anthracite, cocoa-Brown, dark blue, different and Bordeaux.

3. durability and value for money

To assess the quality of a product for my individual base wardrobe, I put the shelf life of the product – so the expected number of carrying events – in relation to its price. There are extremely cheap hosiery, which is not even harmless over the tightening with me. Or where is already the first pull threads after the first time they wear or washing. Should bring a certain strength and durability one prices high pantyhose. Also, she should survive repeated washing without losing shape and color. This promises that item m6 and even more: panty hose keeps also said its compression effect permanently.

Even if I just washed them yet not multiple – after the first wearing occasions is clear: there are no signs of wear. To do this you need to know: I’m usually something like the world champion in producing ladders! But after my test I am relatively sure that I at least one or two seasons – so at least 25 to 50 times – will, hold the item m6 without having it break down. This means: at a price of 59.90 euros per carry costs between 2.40 to 1.20 euros. If it lasts only one season, settles this price again to 80 cents. This is an investment in quality and functionality, that pays off for me and no cheap tights can keep up with. Assuming, of course, the pantyhose is maintained properly. I have compiled the most important care instructions for you in the following text box.


  • Wash your pantyhose as far as possible by hand.
  • In the washing machine to wash your not above 40 degrees.
  • In the washing machine, use a laundry bag to protect the fine mesh of sharp edges on other garments.
  • Use no laundry detergent because the plasticizers can stretching out the compression zones.
  • Use mild detergent.
  • As far as possible never dry the tights on a leash, in the dryer.

4. Typgerechte, flexible combination possibilities

How to best combine your pantyhose, is of course according to your personal preferences and your style type. A real basic should be more flexible, to suit various outfits, styles and occasions in your life . Here it shows the strength of a dark, opaque tights: you adapts to almost all situations. Wear dark tights, for example…

Lace, bright colors and flashy Leo-patterns – an opaque dark tights is the neutral basis for many fashionable productions.

  • …zu Classic Office outfits with skirts in every length and Blazer, vest or jacket,.
  • …zu traditional dress forms, such as the case -, A-lines, shift, shirt blusen-or wrap dress,
  • … to casual, further cut, colored, flowery or otherwise patterned dresses and skirts in the boho – or retro-style,
  • … to cocktail dresses and summer dresses, to style this autumn-ready,.
  • … to casual outfits with short skirts or shorts, these long cardigans or rock biker jackets,
  • … to knee-high boots, ankle boots or ankle boots, pumps, ballerinas, loafers, lace-up pumps or – Yes – even to open sandals.

I think the collection makes it clear: the item m6 pantyhose is suitable as a flexible module for the fashionable autumn – and winter wardrobe, to a variety of looks for work to put together recreational or evening events. And if you want it rather more noble or wear usually pants: you look at but the transparent versions of stocking, socks, and stockings of the brand!

My conclusion: With the item m6 my previous favorite pantyhose brand has last but not least get fierce competition – because of the additional compression and energy effects. I know already: the good piece is a welcome combination partner for my beloved pencil skirts and shirt dresses are, that I do do with this autumn-winter ready. And perhaps with the dare even again a bit shorter skirts item m6 I…

And what pantyhose is your styling favorite? In what outfits do you prefer wear tights? I’m looking forward to your experiences!

Note: to create this product testing the pantyhose was provided free me from the manufacturer. However, the assessment presented here is my personal opinion.